alphabet games::MacLow
David Kim-Boyle, 2009.

alphabet games is a collection of installation works exploring the musical and visual application of a series of experimental literary techniques pioneered in the writings of Georges Perec, Rimbaud, Jackson Mac Low, bpNichol and Harry Mathews. The works were premiered at the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts at the University of Minnesota in 2010 and run in both standalone and interactive modes.

alphabet games :: MacLow
In this work, a grid is seeded with letters and words to create a variety of acrostic patterns. Successive letters of randomly seeded words are displayed in sequence with each letter accompanied by a short tone  with a pitch determined by the letter displayed.  Words can be randomly seeded or chosen by the user. The work is inspired by aleatoric techniques developed by the poet Jackson Mac Low particularly in his work 22 Light Poems.

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