alphabet games::bpNichol
David Kim-Boyle, 2009.

alphabet games is a collection of installation works exploring the musical and visual application of a series of experimental literary techniques pioneered in the writings of Georges Perec, Rimbaud, Jackson Mac Low, bpNichol and Harry Mathews. The works were premiered at the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts at the University of Minnesota in 2010 and run in both standalone and interactive modes.

alphabet games :: bpNichol
Canadian poet bpNichol was well known for his innovative and highly distinctive concrete poetry. In his poem “Horse Rider”, the words “horse”, “rider” and “trees” are assigned distinct colors and the letters gradually redistributed across the page from top to bottom. In this audio-visual interpretation of the poem, the letters of the three primary words, together with their distinctive colors, are distributed across different geometric shapes with the spatial position of the letters and the letters themselves mapped to notes of different pitch, amplitude and stereo position.

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