unvoiced (4'00, HD, stereo)
Ian Gibbins, 2019.

Made from the text of Articles 18 to 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, having removed all the vowels, rendering the text unvoiced. This is a form of redaction, whereby ruling bodies erase portions of publicly available text deemed to be against national interest or community standards or the well-being of holders of high office or whatever. Yet this reduced, redacted text can still be spoken, albeit by a computer algorithm that does its best to articulate what remains, to give some kind of voice to the unvoiced. Visualising the outcome of this process employs the imagery of video streaming and surveillance in a world where bandwidth and access can be reduced or cut off at a mere flick of a switch and where non-redacted remnants are interpreted, unedited, by text- to-voice processors.


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