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Three works by Jeff Morris


The Persistence of Elusion

In the Middle of the Room (by Jeff Morris and Elisabeth Blair)

B4ch1007 (“Bach Loot”)

Note that Jeff also provides witty and informative spoken introductions to the first two pieces, preceding them on their webpages.

Jeff Morris creates musical experiences that engage audiences’ minds with their surroundings. His performances, installations, lectures, and writings appear in international venues known for cutting-edge arts and deep questions in the arts. He has won awards for making art emerge from unusual situations: music tailored to architecture and cityscapes, performance art for the radio, and serious concert music for toy piano, robot, Sudoku puzzles, and paranormal electronic voice phenomena.

He has presented work in the Onassis Cultural Center (Athens), Triennale Museum (Milan), D-22 (Beijing’s avant-garde music scene), the International Symposium on Electronic Art, the Network Music Festival, the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum (Austin), the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s “Open House Chicago”, and the Boston Microtonal Society. His work has won awards in the Concours de Bourges (France), Viseu Rural (Portugal), “Music in Architecture” International Competition (Austin), the Un“Cage”d Toy Piano Competition (NYC), and the “Radio Killed the Video Star” Competition (NYC). His music is on Ravello Records.

jeff's music website


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