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Two works, and an investigation, by Scott Thurston, Maria Andrews and Gemma Collard-Stokes


Intimacy    in collaboration with Maria Andrews.

Corporate Marble   in collaboration with Gemma Collard-Stokes.

Scrapbook_1    in collaboration with Maria Andrews.


Scott Thurston is a poet, mover and educator. He has published many books and chapbooks of poetry, most recently Terraces (Beir Bua, 2022) and Phrases towards a Kinepoetics (Contraband, 2020). Scott is founding co-editor of the open access Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry and co-organized the long-running poetry reading series The Other Room in Manchester. Since 2004, he has been developing a ‘kinepoetics’ integrating dance and poetry, which has seen him studying and collaborating with dancers in Berlin, New York and the UK. Scott is Professor of Poetry and Innovative Creative Practice at the University of Salford. For details of Scott’s creative work, visit his website.

Maria Andrews is a poet and film maker who has been evolving her own voice in embodied filming for twenty years. Her camera work emerges from her body, working with the dream of the performance as it unfolds. She embraces a sensual response to space and to co-performers. She aims to be inside all forms of poetry in motion. Her poems have been published in Still Life, Polka Dot Ceiling, the anthology Bloody Amazing and online poetry magazine Spilling Cocoa on Martin Amis. She was the photographer for the project Space and Words for Dancers . She has also written on film and international law, and further information on her work is on  her website.

Gemma Collard-Stokes is an interdisciplinary performance artist, researcher and educator. She studied contemporary performance, dance, and somatic practices at Coventry University, and completed a PhD at the University of Wolverhampton. Her ecologically informed practice extends from her work with Helen Poynor through the Walk of Life Training, and the principles of this underpin her approach to teaching, making, and living. Gemma's research is concerned with dance in its therapeutic capacity, examining the function of dance as a route to prevention and management of conditions affecting physical and mental health conditions. Since 2010, Gemma has been developing an ecologically conscious interdisciplinary approach to outdoor dance and is known for her ongoing enquiry into the ways dance supports sustainable relationships between humans and the rest of nature. This body of work has seen her collaborate with poets, visual artists, musicians, and film makers and she has made numerous live, multimedia and installation pieces. See  her website.


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