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Volume 10 (2019-2020)


Invited and reviewed work:

Work by David Kim-Boyle: Added 202001.

alphabet games :: MacLow

alphabet games :: Mathews

alphabet games :: bpNichol

point studies No. 4 (performed by Jaap Blonk)

David Kim-Boyle is an Australian composer and new media artist whose music has received widespread recognition for its delicately nuanced sonic qualities and innovative use of technology. His work has been performed and presented throughout North America and Europe at various festivals and contemporary music events and he has been a guest artist at some of the world's leading computer music research facilities including the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karlsruhe), the Sonic Arts Research Centre (Belfast), STEIM (Amsterdam), and IRCAM (Paris).His creative practice is focused on the development of generative graphic scores that explore the musical affordances of complex open-forms and non-linear processes, and his research has been regularly presented at many of the world's leading forums for new music research including the International Computer Music Conference, the Digital Audio FX Conference, SMC, TENOR, and NIME and published in journals such as Contemporary Music Review, Organised Sound, Leonardo Music Journal, Tempo, and Digital Creativity. Recent projects include a work for the ELISION ensemble with a 3D holographic score displayed on Microsoft's HoloLens and he is currently conducting research towards a book exploring spatial ontologies in musical form. In  2019,  he was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to undertake research into development and design strategies for augmented  reality music applications. He holds a PhD in composition from SUNY Buffalo where he studied as a Presidential Fellow and is currently the Technology Manager at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney where he is also an Honorary Associate in Composition.




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