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Alan Sondheim: full/fill

About full/fill:

I've been been fascinated with the relationships among dead life, oil, oil spills, lubricants, sexuality, and commerce; this short video, with images modified and texture-mapped from BP's video cameras, captures them. The avatar is Alan Dojoji / Julu Twine - my avatars in Second Life, who behave as demiurges, video-screens, performers and creators. The music is by Azure Carter, looped and connected to various objects in the environment - including the avatar hirself.

Read and view the work here.

About Alan Sondheim:

Alan Sondheim was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; he lives with his partner, Azure Carter, in Brooklyn NY. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Brown University in English. A new-media artist, writer, and theorist, he has exhibited, performed and lectured widely.

Sondheim's writings include the anthology Being on Line: Net Subjectivity (Lusitania, 1996), Disorders of the Real (Station Hill, 1988),.echo (alt-X digital arts, 2001), Vel (Blazevox 2004-5), Sophia (Writers Forum, 2004), Orders of the Real (Writers Forum, 2005), The Accidental Artist (Fort/Da), Azure/Nature/Digital (Blue Lion, 2009), and The Wayward (Salt, 2004) as well as numerous chapbooks, ebooks, and articles. Sondheim's videos and films have been shown internationally, most recently at Netfilmmakers (Copenhagen), UMove (NY), Subtle Technologies (Toronto, 2009), Eyebeam (2009), and the Electronic Literature Conference (Providence, 2010). He co-moderates several pioneering email lists, including Cybermind, Cyberculture and Wryting; Jon Marshall has published a book-length ethnography of the first.

Since January, 1994, Sondheim has been working on an "Internet Text," a continuous meditation on philosophy, psychology, language, body, and virtuality. The Internet Text is coordinated with multi-media work on various websites. In 1999, Sondheim was the 2nd Virtual Writer in Residence for the Trace online writing community (Nottingham-Trent University, England). In 2008, Sondheim had a solo installation and nine-month residency at the Odyssey exhibition space in the virtual world Second Life; currently he has residencies at Humlab (through Umea University) and East of Odyssey, in Second Life as well.

In 2004,Sondheim had a five-week residency at the Center for Literary Computing and the Virtual Environments Laboratory, both at West Virginia University; in 2007 he was a six-week resident of the same. In 2005 he was resident artist/writer at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana. He produced two CDs at the latter (his older records have been reissued by ESP-Disk and Fire Museum). Two new CDs have since appeared with FireMuseum, a vinyl record with Qbico, and another cd with Myk Friedman for Porter Records. A new vinyl is forthcoming from FireMuseum. In 2007, Sondheim was also the recipient of a New Media New York State Council of the Arts grant. In January-August 2008 Sondheimhe was on an eight-month National Science Foundation (NSF) consultancy at WVU.

In 2001, Sondheim assembled a special issue of the American Book Review on Codework, which was seminal in its genre; along with mez and Sandy Baldwin, he co-edited an online issue of Leonardo. "Codework" has been the subject of a major international workshop at WVU in April, 2008. In1999-2000, Sondheim was second virtual-artist-in-residence in the Traceonline writing program. In 2001 he taught New Media at Florida International University in Miami. In 2006-07 he taught film at BrownUniversity, and recently taught humanities courses at the School ofVisual Arts. For the past 18 years, Sondheim has worked with the Swissdancer/ choreographer Foofwa d'Imobilite; their work has premiered acrossEurope and the U.S. Sondheim's own laptop performances have been widely seen; most recently he has been involved in online avatar performance with Sandy Baldwin for live audiences in Paris, London, Basel, Portland OR, and Providence RI.

In 2006 Sondheim had a major exhibition at Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles. There have been other installations at the Grand Central Art Center, West Virginia University, Arena/Uqbar in Second Life, and OCAD Hybrid in Second Life.

His research is in the art and aesthetics of codework, body and behavioral modeling, virtual environments, and avatars in general.Current interests include music; aesthetics; cosmology and Buddhistphilosophy and their relation to avatars and online environments; and experimental choreography.

Sondheim's work is archived at New York University's Fales Collection, and Ohio State University's Avant Writing Collection, in Columbus.

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